Defining the partnership

Partnerships at Code for Philly help volunteers stay connected with important issues in the city, mobilize where support is needed, and ensure we can provide regular space for collaboration.

The first step of defining a partnership is deciding what kind of opportunity it might open up:

  1. Relationship - you want to raise awareness around a compelling non-profit. They may not need many volunteers yet, but an introduction to Code for Philly leadership, or a single volunteer to coordinate sharing their mission at a meetup.

  2. Active Project - what people often associate with Code for Philly. This is when volunteers support a project run by a partner. Depending on the project's needs, it could rally many volunteers, or only a single volunteer.

  3. Sponsorship - sponsors enable Code for Philly to facilitate volunteer work. This occurs through hosting weekly space for presentations, or providing financial sponsorship for larger events.

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