Building the App Locally

Now that you have the code, how do you run it on your machine?

Running in Python

The app requires python 3.6 or higher. Check what version python you have on your machine using your command prompt tool.

FYI, Macs come with python 2.7 installed. If you run python --version you may get 2.7 even if you have newer versions installed. Here's how to manage python on your Mac.

Create your python environment

Let's fast track you. In order to avoid installing every package used by the app, you can use pipenv.

First, install pipenv.

Here's a guide to walking through that process.

Running in Docker

We have also "containerized" the app, which means the app can run with a tool called Docker without you needing to install anything (other than docker) on your machine.

The benefit of using Docker is keeping your python environment clean. Python is a tricky tool to manage on your local machine and most python-based applications require python packages. Docker installs these packages in the container and then builds and runs the container on your machine.

Here's a basic installation guide for docker.

For guidance on running the app on your own machine please see Getting Started: Run Locally.

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