Basic Tutorial

Getting started with using CHIME

Although CHIME was initially created for Penn Medicine, the application can be used by anyone in the world. Here is a basic walkthrough of how to start using CHIME for your region.

For a walkthrough of the dash, please watch our video tutorial.

Selecting Data Inputs

First, there are several inputs you must modify to customize CHIME for your region:

  • Regional Population

  • Currently Known Regional Infections

  • Currently Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients

You'll find these options by scrolling through the left pane:

Then, modify all other inputs depending on which scenarios you would like to model. See Data Inputs for detailed definitions of each input.

Viewing Results

The resulting projections are displayed in the main body. They are automatically refreshed when you hit "Enter" or click the "+" or "-" buttons for each data input.

You can customize the displays to show results as tables, show additional details, and more.

For complete descriptions of how to read and interpret the figures, see Interpreting the Results.

Advanced Customization

For advanced customization, including changes to the underlying model, you will need to fork the Github repository and host your own version. See Making your own CHIME app for instructions.

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